Monday, April 5, 2021

Billy Corgan is the Reason Courtney Love Married Kurt Cobain and changed music history

Sounds crazy but Courtney Love was dating her bandmate from Hole Eric but soon they broke up and stayed platonic. During that time in the early 90's Nirvana was getting to be huge but she was dating Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. There was a show in Chicago where Corgan lived and Nirvana was playing and Courtney persuaded two music industry veterants one a Japanese man named Kaz to give her $1,000 each so she could make the trip to see Nirvana. What really happened was that she came to spy on Billy Corgan who had another girl at his home and kicked Courtney out.

What happened next is she ended up at the show and ended up on Kurts lap after the show and they were nearly inseperable ever since. This one night changed music history forever possibly... Had that girl not been at Corgans house would Courtney and Kurt ever fall in love? Would Kurt's addiction to Heroin and death be delayed? So many questions and what if's..


Find old Nirvana Interviews and more at this great time capsule of a websire recommended in the Goldberg Book Serving the Servant:

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Thrasio capitalizes on Amazon's Growth

 There are a thousand of ways to capitalize on the growth of the fastest growing platforms in the world. Facebook advertisers and developers profited as the social network grew, vendors who supply products to retail at Target benefit as they grow, I've benefited from the growth of Google and search, and now Thrasio is the type of website and business to benefit as Amazon retail grows by buying out merchants and taking over their companies and providing a fair earn out.

This is a story that we will see as online orders for products post pandemic continue to grow. says they are the fastest company to grow to a billion dollars.

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