Sunday, August 1, 2021

Miami Herald Blooper Puts Flo Rida @ 125 Years Old

 Small blooper down here in the Miami area where a journalist or editor put Florida Rapper Flo Rida at 125 years for his birthday this week. See the blooper below:

So for his 125th Birthday he will be getting a key to the city. Imagine what he will get when he turns 200!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Microsoft & Gmail Colors Starting to look alike

 Is it a coincidence that the color scheme from a glance had me thinking I was seeing double vision...

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Richard Ruddie Bias Recommendation for Behavior Psychology

Behavior psychology plays such an integral role in our every day lives. There is a website ran by the Initative of the School of Thought,  a 501c3 non profit organization that is a great way to educate in a fun way about different biases you may have or see. The website, poster, and trading card game shares a ton of great lessons and was created by Jesse Richardson and an Australian digital agency called We Are Flip using a creative commons attribution and noncommercial license. 

There are a ton of great lessons and advice that the site provides. I will only share each of the titles and you can visit for the rest of the details. Behavior Psychology is an important part of marketing and how we think. 

Below is a list of common terms:

  • the sunk cost fallacy

  • the availability heuristic

  • the curse of knowledge

  • confirmation-bias

  • the-dunning-kruger-effect'

  • belief bias

  • self-serving-bias

  • he-backfire-effect

  • icon-the-barnum-effect

  • groupthink

  • negativity-bias
  • Anchoring

  • declinism'

  • the framing effect

  • fundamental attribution error

  • the-halo-effect

  • optimism-bias

  • pessimism-bias

  • just-world-hypothesis

  • in-group-bias

  • the placebo effect

  • the bystander effect

  • icon-reactance

  • the spotlight effect

Thursday, April 29, 2021

What the Future of Death looks like

A quote thats interesting from the Wall Street Journals piece about how the world will be affected when we can reverse aging and accidents become the only cause of death which will also be so nimble by that time. Think of the technology in cars and safety features to prevent road accidents and deaths. Will we eventually have hardware in us that stops cardiac arrest and overdoses from drugs? Heart Attacks no longer become a thing and we don't die of old age, kidney & Liver failures?

It's an interesting topic to think about and what industries benefit and those that suffer. What new jobs are created when we no longer age and what about our brains can we stop deterioration?

Fom the WSJ piece I share this quote from Scott D. Smith from Kentucky:
"If we remain physically young, then accidents become the only real cause of death. Think about a new generation of people who have to get used to the idea of the generation before them NOT dying. We rely upon death and 'aging out' to drive the handoff from one generation to the next. Then there's the huge economic impact on health care as an industry, insurance and government with Social Security and Medicare. Also, consider a kinda, sort of technology where it works but not for everyone. How will our society deal with that perceived 'inequality'?"

Monday, April 5, 2021

Billy Corgan is the Reason Courtney Love Married Kurt Cobain and changed music history

Sounds crazy but Courtney Love was dating her bandmate from Hole Eric but soon they broke up and stayed platonic. During that time in the early 90's Nirvana was getting to be huge but she was dating Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. There was a show in Chicago where Corgan lived and Nirvana was playing and Courtney persuaded two music industry veterants one a Japanese man named Kaz to give her $1,000 each so she could make the trip to see Nirvana. What really happened was that she came to spy on Billy Corgan who had another girl at his home and kicked Courtney out.

What happened next is she ended up at the show and ended up on Kurts lap after the show and they were nearly inseperable ever since. This one night changed music history forever possibly... Had that girl not been at Corgans house would Courtney and Kurt ever fall in love? Would Kurt's addiction to Heroin and death be delayed? So many questions and what if's..


Find old Nirvana Interviews and more at this great time capsule of a websire recommended in the Goldberg Book Serving the Servant:

Note for when I want to find old Nirvana history:

Friday, March 12, 2021

Thrasio capitalizes on Amazon's Growth

 There are a thousand of ways to capitalize on the growth of the fastest growing platforms in the world. Facebook advertisers and developers profited as the social network grew, vendors who supply products to retail at Target benefit as they grow, I've benefited from the growth of Google and search, and now Thrasio is the type of website and business to benefit as Amazon retail grows by buying out merchants and taking over their companies and providing a fair earn out.

This is a story that we will see as online orders for products post pandemic continue to grow. says they are the fastest company to grow to a billion dollars.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Lenny Kravitz is an avid art collector

 At his Paris home he has some of the most beautiful art pieces from Andy Warhol & Jean-Michael Basquiat. Vogue did a nice piece and you can see the photos in one instagram slide here shared by our friends over at the Avant Gallery:

Official website