Friday, May 29, 2020

Olivine The Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions

While there are tons of variables and changes we can make in our daily habits the best solutions are ones that take the CO2 out of the environment for us and let humans interact as they previously were. In a recent Fast Company magazine article there's a non-profit in the Caribbean testing spreading a green sand like material on the sand that when the waves roll over it will start the process to reverse CO2 emissions.

We're excited for the trial and I'm looking into a potential donation to Project Vesta and encourage others to do their research as well.

Done at scale on beaches and in the shallow water on continental shelves, it could make a major difference. “If we spread olivine over 2% of the world’s shelf sea, then that will be enough to capture 100% of human emissions,” Green says.

More Information can be found here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Google Patent to Stop Domain Squatting and Spoofing

To help lower scams and malware injections as a result of spoofed domains that are one character off and then compromise innocent web victims. Hat tip to the security team for working on this one:

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Willem de Kooning Made Fun of Andy Warhol

At a dinner party at the end of the 1960's two of the worlds biggest artists had an interaction and well Willem de Kooning was not a fan of Andy to say the least.. He said while being intoxicated at a party: “You’re a killer of art, you’re a killer of beauty, and you’re even a killer of laughter,”

Warhol thought of art as a business not as de Kooning did. He told a New York reporter in 1969 that
“The new art is really a business,” “We want to sell shares of our company on the Wall Street stock market.”

Perhaps his thinking was what has changed and influenced art and it's capitalist approach since.

Would you buy Warhol branded linens and bed sheets today? Maybe Murakami will come out with them and Uniqlo and Muji will be the ones selling them.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Boom Coming in GMP certified and sterile vials that are FDA approved

GMP Certified and Sterile Vials that are FDA approved will be a needed commodity. I thought I read about it in Bill Gates piece here: but its not there any more...

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Richart Ruddie Expert Witness for Online Defamation

As no stranger to online defamation running and advising for some of the top reputation management agencies in the world, I've also helped as an expert witness to showcase damages as a result of defamatory information that has been posted online that has harmed a plaintiff.

In the cases that I've worked on involving lawsuits based on material posed online that damaged the plaintiffs character and was then used to hurt their business and bottom line.

With my help I developed an overview of the damage caused as well as calculations and costs to repair. Now I regularly received inquiries for expert witness testimonials and write ups for legal cases around the country.

I've created a profile on Expert Pages as an online Defamation Expert and have contributed helpful content to their website.
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