Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lessons from the Uber Wealthy and I

Certain attributes and Characteristics make up the bulk of successful people. While not all of these characteristics are essential I do find great truth in success, obtaining wealth, and the viewpoints described below:

1)"Being Smart is good, but being lucky is better."
Being incredibly lucky helps but..

Remember luck is what you make of it. In a lot of my lucrative business ventures I find that "LUCK" comes to you after you have created an opportunity and situation to become lucky in. “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” If you are prepped, ready, and outgoing the world is yours to have. As Damon Jones said on the Shark Tank life is 20% about what happens to you and 80% how you react to it and thats the lucky part because you react to the plausible opportunity that others did not react to and thats where success comes into play.

2) Dream Big and Have even Bigger Goals

A succesfully Palm Beach lawyer once taught me that he did so well not because he was any smarter than the next guy nor did he work that much harder than a head chef or construction worker but his aspirations towards success were much greater. He believed in himself and made it come true.

“Amat victoria curam.“ Translation “Victory loves careful preparation.” Plan for success.

3) Being poor is no fun.
While they often say money can't buy you love nor can it ensure happiness but having a lot of money certainly helps you sleep and smile at night. With great wealth does come great responsibility but you also get to enjoy the finer things in life such as private jets, the nicest spas in the world, excellent food, and retirement without fear of having to go back to work.

4) Time is the biggest enemy of Man
This is the most true saying that I have come to realize over the last year as I get increasingly busier. I get offered at least 1-5 new jobs a week and if time was no factor I would give every single one of them a shot. However, you have to enjoy your freedom and life and labor is simply a barter of time for your $$$. What you buy with your money pales in comparison to the memories and time you get to spend with your family. If you are working so much to obtain wealth and you ignore your family, miss watching your kids grow up, you are actually poorer than you realize no matter how many zeros you have attached to your bank account.
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