Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Own Social Bookmark

Bookmarking a great article to come back to: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/get-there/bah-humbug-to-ridiculous-year-end-financial-advice/2015/12/23/a7d43afa-a823-11e5-9b92-dea7cd4b1a4d_story.html

Barry always writes excellent pieces but this one mentions the most finite resource of all "Time". Something that I often talk about. If Tim Ferris only works 4 hours a week is he that much wealthier then the Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs working 90 hour weeks but making $10 Million a year?

We are equal in having 24 hours each day.

Have a great 2016

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Internet Marketing Course: Super Affiliate System from John Crestani

There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing systems out there available for you to choose from.  Today, I want to share with you an affiliate system led by a friend of mine, John Crestani. Super Affiliate System is Crestani’s personal affiliate system and course.

John is one of the fastest risers in the Internet marketing industry and wants the same success for you so he created a “no fluff” course that breaks his system down. I remember only a few short years ago sitting with John and friends at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, he has a mindset that is built for success and now he's sharing it with others.

John is a fantastic marketer and an even better instructor. He has worked his way up the ladder to where he is now. Just to show you some of John’s success in, John is also the CEO of Nutryst, an affiliate network focused on promoting nutra and health realated offers.

As for the Super Affiliate System, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider checking it out:

1.     One of the biggest complaints people have with affiliate systems is their teacher neglects to respond to comments and concerns. John’s Super Affiliate System has a fantastic support team already set in place. Not only is there a lengthy Frequently Asked Question section to hopefully answer any of your questions, but also John and his team are very responsive. Simply put, John and his team are running this course like a serious business, because it is a serious business.

2.     Upon signing up for the Super Affiliate System you are enrolled in an extensive twelve-week training course. This course has material geared toward all levels of Internet marketers. Regardless if you are new to the industry or have years of experience, this course is inclusive of all information necessary to be successful when it comes to affiliate marketing and mastering paid traffic. All of the lessons are available online and at your own convenience so you can learn and apply the knowledge you’ll be acquiring at your own pace.

3.     The Super Affiliate System has John Crestani at the helm. The reason this is beneficial is because John has been in this industry for years now and is personally dominating the affiliate space. With those years of experience come countless training modules developed from years of trial and error based efforts. John wants you to be successful, there’s no denying that. The trainings contained within the course, his knowledgeable support team, as well as the community he’s created give this course a competitive edge in the market.

4.     The lessons for Super Affiliate System are methodically structured, helping you to progress gradually. John is also the instructor. This means that you not only get used to his teaching style, but you get to learn right from the master himself.

There’s no doubt that utilizing the Super Affiliate System will make you a better affiliate or media buyer if you’re looking to sharpen your paid traffic skills.

With a tried and true Internet marketer leading this course, you will definitely be learning the best information you can get your hands on.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Super Affiliate System, please go to http://superaffiliatesystem.com/. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Life Long Mastery of a Craft

That is the summation of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Find a craft and spend your lifetime mastering it and becoming the absolute best in the world at it.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Best Crabcakes in Baltimore

Where are the best crabcakes in Baltimore, Maryland? There are a few different ways to make a crabcake. The three most popular ways are: Pan Fried, Deep Fried, and Broiled. In my opinion the only way to eat a crabcake is to broil it.

The best places for crabcakes that I have been to are:

G & M (by BWI Airport) 
Linwoods (Owings Mills) 
Seven West (Towson)
Olive Branch  (Pikesville)
Pappas Restaurant & Sports Bar (Parkville)

Also I recently posted on my Richart Ruddie Typepad blog the best places for healthy food in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Guy Who Single Handley Starting McDonalds Decline

You're loving it but the year over year same store sales are down. Luckily its only single digits but if you own multiple franchises the media says that you are worried and it all started thanks to Morgan Spurlock and his 2004 documentary Super Size Me.

While it took a little bit for it to really kick in and the 2008 financial crisis crucially saved the company from declining revenues because the option to eat cheap greatly benefitted their Multi-Million dollar marketing efforts for the dollar menu but we are in 2015 now. Times have changed and yogurt shops are going to start turning into Juice Bars. Michael Bloomberg started the trend to fight unhealthy lifestyles as our country fought big Tobacco and is starting to win.

Did you know more kids are smoking e-cigarettes today than tobacco based cigarettes for the first time ever? Don't worry Altria still is profiting but unhealthy lifestyles are on the decline and we can thank Morgan Spurlock and Michael Bloomberg.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daily rant

Daily Rant.

You can do it. All you need is the power of the internet and creativity. Leverage the connections, social media, and the world that is at your fingertips. If you want to get out there then sit your ass down and email as many relevant clients you can, create viral worthy content and syndicate it on Youtube, Share it on Social media and flaunt it to the masses. I could make any artist with a high five figure marketing budget a millionaire and all it would take is creativity, Soundcloud + Youtube.

Is Crowdfunding Dead?

Well that depends on who you ask right? Nope. The numbers are certainly down and you are not reading about a new story of a kick ass product on Indiegogo or Kickstarter every single day. Still a good way to launch but the numbers today won't reflect the numbers of yesteryear.

Create your own Destiny

Wit, Wisdom, Hard Work, and Creativity. Some have it and some don't. Find a new platform to exploit before it peaks and is on the downslide. This can be your differentiator.

The Most Valuable Commodity in the world is?

If you said Money then you are incorrect. Time is the answer. I want more of it and if you could figure out a way to make more of it then there would be no worries. 

Crawl, Walk, Run - Be Happy with What you Got

Some want more. Don't worry about panning for gold in the river you were told had the highest yields when your farm produces great crops. Sturdy, Stable, and Healthy is good even if that only means 2 week vacations.

To Succeed You Should Know Your Numbers 

How much do you spend each month?
How many employees do you have?
What is your burn rate?
Knowing the answers on the fly is the sign of an active and knowledgeable owner who cares. Knowing that there are no constants in business as well and staying on top of the numbers is of crucial importance. Having metrics to compare lets you set goals, match and exceed them.

Everybody has Bills 

Here is what I need to live and survive can you help me? Everybody has bills. Go to work and get a second job if you have to but don't ask for a payday advance. 
 Eating Healthy

It's becomming a new trend and I couldnt be happier. New juice bars, organic food as the norm, and wheatgrass growing it's presence. I always preach eating healthy = being healthy.

Today I changed somebodys life and gave them a second chance when nobody else in the world would. Make a change for the better in someone elses life.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What We Learned: 5 Ways We Compared Revcontent vs Adsense

There are tons of ways you can make money online.  If you are someone who has tried making money online, then you probably have heard of Google’s Adsense.
Many online marketers swear by Adsense, especially with regards to its targeted ads and large base of advertisers. However, is Adsense the “end all, be all” for making money online as a publisher?  Of course not! There are other ways to reach new audiences and increase your revenue. We are talking about content marketing – especially with sizzling hot native content syndication which has been all the rage as of lately.
To point out the differences between Adsense and other content syndication platforms, we will compare Google’s advertising product with an up and coming network called Revcontent.
Five items to consider:
1)     In terms of market share and reach, there is no denying that Adsense has the upper hand – by a long shot. However, you can’t discount content syndication platforms because their reach can be quite impressive as well. For example, Revcontent manages to serve about 100 billion recommendations per month which is really not something to scoff at.

2)     When it comes to approval, your Adsense application can be really hard to get approved. It seems that Google just gets stricter by the day. With content recommendation platforms like Revcontent, the approval guidelines aren’t that strict and getting approved won’t require you to jump several hoops. Although, this doesn’t imply that networks like Revcontent doesn’t care about quality websites.  Basically, Revcontent has positioned itself to only work with the sites it wants to work with.  As a result, widgets can be customized around the content of the site creating a better experience for end users, the publisher, as well as advertisers.

3)     In many cases, Adsense will make visitors leave your site!  At this point, many people are already fed up with ads, and for many of them, Adsense is one of those platforms.  Content recommendation platforms don’t have this problem because the ads don’t look like ads.  In general, networks like Revcontent are more trustworthy because they display ads tailored to the user and offer a form of engagement that Adsense falls short on.

4)     Another problem with Adsense is the minimum payout which is currently at $100.00. This means that it will take you a while before you can get your money, especially when you are only making about 1.00$ to 10.00$ per month for smaller sites. This is less of a problem with Revcontent since the payout terms are more reasonable and favorable for publishers.

5)     Many people are not so thrilled with Google Adsense’s support team. There are cases where replies to emails can take a few days or even a week. And if you do receive a reply, it’s usually unclear and vague. You won’t have to pull your hair out with Revcontent because publisher and advertiser support is available round the clock and always happy to help!
There is no doubt there are many advantages to using Adsense if you’re just getting started as a publisher and exploring ways to monetize your traffic..  However, in case Adsense doesn’t work out for you, or in the event you’ve outgrown their platform and are looking for another option in the market, know that you have a solid choice with content recommendation networks like Revcontent who are ready, willing, and able to help you succeed and grow your revenue.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

JS Savvy Navy App Support & Copyright

For support and questions please contact me via the email address to the right.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Faith in Humanity

FIHR Stands for Faith in Humanity Restored. There is a popular Tumblr page tagged with hundreds of examples. Here is the latest one: http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/02/world/iyw-50-acts-of-kindness/index.html 

Glad to see CNN featuring the evergreen story.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Substance over Status

Let this be one of the best lessons that you read online. While the credit to this saying goes to Peter Thiel it is to note the importance of what the true meaning and big picture idea is long term and not what your status is.

In grade School we are all competing to be as popular and cool as possible. If we focused our energy in something of substance the world would be a rational competition of innovation like none other. Work hard today to make a better future that impacts others for the best. Do not worry about what you are doing this weekend and who you are going out with.

Share this with your 16 year old self please and thank you.

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