Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daily rant

Daily Rant.

You can do it. All you need is the power of the internet and creativity. Leverage the connections, social media, and the world that is at your fingertips. If you want to get out there then sit your ass down and email as many relevant clients you can, create viral worthy content and syndicate it on Youtube, Share it on Social media and flaunt it to the masses. I could make any artist with a high five figure marketing budget a millionaire and all it would take is creativity, Soundcloud + Youtube.

Is Crowdfunding Dead?

Well that depends on who you ask right? Nope. The numbers are certainly down and you are not reading about a new story of a kick ass product on Indiegogo or Kickstarter every single day. Still a good way to launch but the numbers today won't reflect the numbers of yesteryear.

Create your own Destiny

Wit, Wisdom, Hard Work, and Creativity. Some have it and some don't. Find a new platform to exploit before it peaks and is on the downslide. This can be your differentiator.

The Most Valuable Commodity in the world is?

If you said Money then you are incorrect. Time is the answer. I want more of it and if you could figure out a way to make more of it then there would be no worries. 

Crawl, Walk, Run - Be Happy with What you Got

Some want more. Don't worry about panning for gold in the river you were told had the highest yields when your farm produces great crops. Sturdy, Stable, and Healthy is good even if that only means 2 week vacations.

To Succeed You Should Know Your Numbers 

How much do you spend each month?
How many employees do you have?
What is your burn rate?
Knowing the answers on the fly is the sign of an active and knowledgeable owner who cares. Knowing that there are no constants in business as well and staying on top of the numbers is of crucial importance. Having metrics to compare lets you set goals, match and exceed them.

Everybody has Bills 

Here is what I need to live and survive can you help me? Everybody has bills. Go to work and get a second job if you have to but don't ask for a payday advance. 
 Eating Healthy

It's becomming a new trend and I couldnt be happier. New juice bars, organic food as the norm, and wheatgrass growing it's presence. I always preach eating healthy = being healthy.

Today I changed somebodys life and gave them a second chance when nobody else in the world would. Make a change for the better in someone elses life.

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