Saturday, September 24, 2016

Information Asymmetry

Here's an interesting topic of discussion Information Asymmetry. This means that decisions in transactions are done on the basis of one party having more information that the other. The imbalance of knowledge and power can cause moral hazard and issues.

Where it gets interesting in my opinion is this: In trading this would be considered illegal if you had information that others did not have and you use this information for financial gain then you are committing the crime of insider trading but if you use technology and resources to do a better job of researching a subject or trade then you have gained better information than your peers despite their ability to also obtain the same information. So now becomes information asymmetry but is not illegal.

There is a lot of great information online regarding this. Starting with this from the Journal of Finance;jsessionid=16F9945F7AA85192C816EA7ED432EC50.f03t01
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