Sunday, May 16, 2021

Richard Ruddie Bias Recommendation for Behavior Psychology

Behavior psychology plays such an integral role in our every day lives. There is a website ran by the Initative of the School of Thought,  a 501c3 non profit organization that is a great way to educate in a fun way about different biases you may have or see. The website, poster, and trading card game shares a ton of great lessons and was created by Jesse Richardson and an Australian digital agency called We Are Flip using a creative commons attribution and noncommercial license. 

There are a ton of great lessons and advice that the site provides. I will only share each of the titles and you can visit for the rest of the details. Behavior Psychology is an important part of marketing and how we think. 

Below is a list of common terms:

  • the sunk cost fallacy

  • the availability heuristic

  • the curse of knowledge

  • confirmation-bias

  • the-dunning-kruger-effect'

  • belief bias

  • self-serving-bias

  • he-backfire-effect

  • icon-the-barnum-effect

  • groupthink

  • negativity-bias
  • Anchoring

  • declinism'

  • the framing effect

  • fundamental attribution error

  • the-halo-effect

  • optimism-bias

  • pessimism-bias

  • just-world-hypothesis

  • in-group-bias

  • the placebo effect

  • the bystander effect

  • icon-reactance

  • the spotlight effect

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