Tuesday, November 9, 2021

We will find a permanent solution to coronviruses

 An enthralling article about coronaviruses and how certain viruses share a large percentage of the same code and thus decoding future ones as we put funding towards fighting bioweapons like we did after 9/11 is going to be something that we need to renew. Whether it was George Bush's Administration or Obamas or Trumps or Bidens that cut the funding is irrelevant now. Whats important is that we move forward with finding permanent solutions.

Richart Ruddie quoting from the article below:

"We know there are numerous viruses in animal reservoirs throughout the entire globe, and we know some of these viruses can potentially spread into humans and cause vast outbreaks. So there is a renewed interest to develop medical countermeasures against these pandemic viruses, and other infectious diseases with pandemic potential,” Richner says. “There was a big push for this after September 11, to create countermeasures against bioterrorism and against any emerging viruses. But a lot of that funding wasn't renewed.”

The question will be whether politicians and a public exhausted by the current pandemic will be willing to take the risk of confronting—or even make the effort of imagining—the next emergent threat."

Courtesy of Wired.com: https://www.wired.com/story/the-race-is-on-to-develop-a-vaccine-against-every-coronavirus/

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