Monday, August 23, 2021

Ruddie R is in the Dictionary

According to the free dictionary Ruddy is related to ruddier, ruddiest, and gaieties. The last one seems like a stretch compared to the 1st two related keywords but maybe I should Google what Gaieties means before going any further.

Okay so it means entertainment or amusements on one line and the other describes it as "

the state or quality of being lighthearted or cheerful."

So any who Ruddier means to have a healthy redish color or Reddish; rosy with a British slang that you can read below "You ruddy liar" from John Galsworthy.


Monday, August 16, 2021

Richart D. Ruddie

Richart D Ruddie words of wisdom post is now live on my Typepad blog that you can find here:


It's a brief introduction to talking about effective altruism and how we should all lead lives to where we can help out those in need and make a social impact. Either through our actions and support or via financial donations to causes that can help further their mission with your help and support.

It was also listed on Y Combinator's hacker news. 

- Richart D Ruddie

Please note my name is not spelled richard ruddie

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Miami Herald Blooper Puts Flo Rida @ 125 Years Old

 Small blooper down here in the Miami area where a journalist or editor put Florida Rapper Flo Rida at 125 years for his birthday this week. See the blooper below:

So for his 125th Birthday he will be getting a key to the city. Imagine what he will get when he turns 200!!!

Official website