Monday, August 10, 2015

The Guy Who Single Handley Starting McDonalds Decline

You're loving it but the year over year same store sales are down. Luckily its only single digits but if you own multiple franchises the media says that you are worried and it all started thanks to Morgan Spurlock and his 2004 documentary Super Size Me.

While it took a little bit for it to really kick in and the 2008 financial crisis crucially saved the company from declining revenues because the option to eat cheap greatly benefitted their Multi-Million dollar marketing efforts for the dollar menu but we are in 2015 now. Times have changed and yogurt shops are going to start turning into Juice Bars. Michael Bloomberg started the trend to fight unhealthy lifestyles as our country fought big Tobacco and is starting to win.

Did you know more kids are smoking e-cigarettes today than tobacco based cigarettes for the first time ever? Don't worry Altria still is profiting but unhealthy lifestyles are on the decline and we can thank Morgan Spurlock and Michael Bloomberg.
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