Friday, September 24, 2021

This Entrepreneur Article Resonates

Some great quotes and lines in this piece:

creativity happens when the constraints get applied

Don't use the word failure. Instead, you should call it “the successful discovery of something that did not work." This will lead to something that does work and figuring out how to fix issues in a time of panic.

Chaos and failure are powerful tools that forced entrepreneurs can keep in their tool belt. They teach us how to pivot and adapt—and those are essential skills for any entrepreneur,

It should be noted here that forced entrepreneurs face a lot of pressure. There’s no plan B, no option to quit; they need their business to succeed. If there was ever a recipe for anxiety, that sounds like it.

When you have no choice but to survive, you get really resourceful.

A friend of mine often says, “creativity happens when the constraints get applied.” To really feel these constraints, you have to act like an owner.

Burn the boats? So what does that mean. It's adapt or die. If you don't survive on your mission you can't go back on the boat and head home because it doesn't exist.

“burn the boats”? The story goes that during the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1519, Spanish commander Hernán Cortés deliberately destroyed his own ships so that his men would have only two options: conquer or die."

Pivot & Adapt to succeed.
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