Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Case SEO Round Table Doesnt Post My Comment

I was originally trying to figure out why filed a patent on their SEO methodology and the benefit to their company for having a patented SEO practice. Thinking can they sue somebody for utilizing the same methods in SEO and if so how can they prove it was them? While the answer is simply that it would be very difficult to do so just as proving negative SEO against your website would be I can to this conclusion - In a web eco-system that is ever changing there are too many variables and changes near daily to make it worthwhile to patent an SEO practice.

Companies that do this are doing it for show and tell not for any real logical purpose. Also if we patented any of our practices that we typically do at our company "Profile Defenders" than it would open up the doors to copycats to help squash the ability for something that works to be diminished much quicker by Google.
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