Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why EDC Reigns when other Festivals Fail

Lefsetz nailed it. Bonnaroo thought the fans were all about the experience but they were incredibly wrong. How wrong? Ticket sales speak for themselves at an all time low of 28,000. Maybe they had their run and theirs too much competition?

Electric Daisy Carnival however can throw a rave in the middle of the desert without a lineup announcement and we will all still show up. Why?

Because they are passionate about the experience and they give the fans what they want without sparring any expenses. When you do something out of passion and following your efforts you have a recipe for success and the Insomniac crew has showcased that.

Excerpt below:

"Bonnaroo ticket sales drop by 28,000, hitting an all-time low":

The name wasn't bigger than the lineup.

Ever since Coachella went on sale without a slate, we've come to believe it's all about the experience. Isn't that what we're told millennials want?

But the drastic decline in Bonnaroo attendance tells us this isn't so. Coachella might be a rite of passage for SoCal teenagers, despite the press fawning over its musical bona fides, but every other festival in America other than EDC lives and dies on who is performing.

And the acts performing at Bonnaroo were aged, appealing to the wrong demo.

Millennials don't care about the Dead, certainly not Pearl Jam. And LCD Soundsystem peaked years ago. And only millennials want to camp out in the heat and endure the crowds to see acts in the summer in Tennessee.

Conversely, baby boomers are flocking to Oldchella because of the lineup, as stellar as has ever been put together, eclipsing even Woodstock, which didn't have either the Beatles or the Stones, but they're part of the Desert Trip. That's the buzz in L.A., who plays next year? And believe me, Goldenvoice wants to do this next year, create an institution. Do the oldsters flock for a reunion of the Kinks or to hear David Gilmour or can this only be a one time event because the assets have been strip-mined and the landscape is now empty? Furthermore, there might be a backlash, these are people who are used to being up close and personal and inherently they won't be, not with hard seats and this many in attendance, so, buzz... No, let's not kid ourselves, baby boomers will testify as to how great it is no matter how bad it is, unless it's an utter disaster. It's all about their image. We think youngsters worry about how they're perceived? Oldsters care even more, after spending thousands
they won't complain. But they may not return.

But they keep coming back to EDC, the Electric Daisy Carnival, because that's a culture, that's a scene, the headliners aren't everything. But the truth is the headliners are everything to the rest of these music-focused festivals.

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