Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Best of Fort Lauderdale

List of the best places in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding Broward County area:

Food in Fort Lauderdale

 Best Steakhouses in Broward County:

1. Steak 954 @ the W Hotel
2. Council Oak @ the Hard Rock Hotel
3. Ruth's Chris on Federal Highway
4. Grille 66

Best Seafood in Fort Lauderdale

1. Lobster Bar on Las Olas
2. S3 on Ocean Boulevard
3. Boatyard
4. Kellys Landing (For their Lobster Rolls)
5. 3030 Ocean

Best Sushi in Fort Lauderdale

1. Asia Bay
2. Kuro @ the Hard Rock Hotel
3. Sushi Rock

Best Pizza

1. Louie Bossi
2. Midici


Best Beach Bar

1. Blondies
2. Elbo Room

Best Rooftop Dining & Bar

1. Tower Club
2. Rooftoop @ 1WLO

Best Movie Theatre

1. IMAX Theatre Riverfront

Best Beach in Broward County

1. Fort Lauderdale Beach @ Las Olas (Not family Friendly)

Most Successful Startup in Fort Lauderdale

1. Chewey

Best New Condo Buildings

1. Icon
2. Paramount 
2. Auberge

Best Construction Companies (Residential Homes & Commercial Property Developers)

1. Stiles
2. Unique Palms Development
3. GSD Contracting 

Nicest Neighborhood to live in Fort Lauderdale

1. Beverly Heights 
2. Colee Hammock
3. Idlewyld 
4. Seven Isles

Best Newspapers

1. Sun-Sentinel
2. New Times
3. Palm Beach Post

Best Hipster Bars

1. Glitch (Barcade)
2. Stache

Best Overall Restaurant Show & Experience

1, Mai-Kai

Friday, January 18, 2019

Knowing What You Don't Know and Other Lessons for 2019

Let 2019 be a great year by improving your well being and psychology on every day events. Knowing what you don't know has been one of the best ways in which I've improved upon myself over the last decade and has helped me to expand in numerous ways.

Know what you (don’t) control
Consider the formula of compounding, where –
Future Value = Present Value x (1 + Rate of Return) ^ Time
What excites most of us in this formula and where we wish to exert the maximum control and expect the greatest certainty is the ‘rate of return’. This is despite that it is the only variable in this formula that is tentative and most uncertain, and beyond our control.

Here are 50 other great lessons and tips for the future: here
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