Saturday, March 2, 2019

What Bill Gates Learned in 2018

Always an interesting read to help discover what the future holds and how one of the most successful people of our time thinks.

Nuclear Energy

Some spotlight points from his latest year in review includes the fact that Nuclear power is something that we should expect to see grow and for reasons having to do with it's low impact on the environment if we can properly use technology to avoid catastraophic damage that comes as the main headline risk of using Nuclear energy. A deal in China that would have greatly reduced global warming was scrapped due to global trade tensions.

Gene Editing

With Artificial Intelligence gaining the majority of headlines we should look at the risks associated with Gene Editing and the problems that may come as a result of this. While there are many positives.

Stopping Epidemics 

Were close to eradicating the polio virus with 29 cases last year vs 22 the year before. The two cases happened in war torn areas of Afgahnistan and Pakistan but once we eradicate this we will have a resounding celebration knowing that one of many killer epidemics is gone. The Spanish flu killed over 50 million people and the next flu could do the same so that's where our worries should be focused not on terrorist attacks, climate change, and an asteroid hitting us. 

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